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Search and find harmonised standards is a simple tool to find and obtain the latest harmonised standards under the corresponding safety Directives and Regulations and other applicable legislation. Check the updated Summary of lists of harmonised standards supporting the application of New Approach and New Legislative Framework Directives and Legislation:

Find and obtain the right Harmonised standards and other European standards: Knowence is a consultancy company specialised in providing information and data related to European legislation, European standards, Harmonised standards and other European standards in support of the EU legislation or Conformity Assessment processes. provides you with a very simple and intuitive tool to identify and find harmonised standards and other EU standards that help companies to comply with the relevant requirements in European legislation.
This website helps users of standards to identify those ENs or Harmonised standards that are being replaced by new editions (new versions) of the standard, or those standards that are close to be revised by the European Standardisation Organisations (CEN, CENELEC or ETSI). In addition,, cross-references information from different sources to help identify those standards that no longer provide presumption of conformity (i.e. after the date of withdrawal of the reference in the official journal).
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